A virtual coach (Chatbot) to help older adults to be more active

How might we

How might we enable older adults to live their best possible life by preventing falls?

Meet Walky, an ‘app’ that encourages older adult women who are inactive or not doing enough to become physically active and to stay active and reach the recommended level of physical activity progressively.
Our idea is designed for older women with ongoing attempts to be active. They declare themselves as inactive or not doing enough activity. Our program provides them with an easy to use, easy to follow set of activities to integrate with their current lifestyle and daily routines. The activities are designed to progressively build strength and balance reducing the risk of falls. Walky is a conversational application or AI chatbot initially available but not limited to Facebook Messenger platform. Walky is a personal virtual coach reachable anywhere anytime. Walky suggests a new activity everyday relevant to the user based on what it learns.